Adventures are mini stories performed in groups of 4 that take place on zones not normally accessible in game. They involve completing a sequence of objectives to earn rewards. Rewards are three randomly selected groups of items similar to leveling up, and are scaled upwards in value the harder the difficulty set for the adventure.

To start an adventure, you need a group of 4 people and all of you need to be in Lakeview. When ready, approach one of the strategy tables (one in main office, and another in building south of the bike), and "create" the adventure.

Just like normal zones, once you collect something on one of these maps it cannot be collected again until the daily reset.

"John Crook" Farm - Purge the Filth Edit

Zone 66 illustration
Released 3 Nov. 2017 on Alpha V7.8
  • Talk to Jamal Ismael
  • Talk to Karl Lenchen
  • Kill all the infected on the road
  • Talk to Jimmy
  • Kill all the infected in the residential area
  • Talk to Jimmy
  • Continue towards the farm and walk through the door to the house (triggers the next step)
  • Examine the corpse
  • Continue upwards to the next house before the farm, and through the second doorway (triggers the next step)
  • Examine the walkie talkie
  • Continue northeast until you see a house
  • Go into the house and into the lounge
  • Listen to the conversation, then talk to Stuart
  • Kill Stuart
  • Talk to Mei Lee and Sekou Iwume

Scavenger's Training Area - Escape Plan Edit

Zone 12 illustration
Released 3 Nov. 2017 on Alpha V7.8
  • Talk to Henry Collins
  • Talk to Lynn Durand
  • Find four scavengers. One is in the stadium area, another in a western shop, another in a cabin south of the shop, another in a sneaky passage past the brick walled path in the forest
  • Talk to Henry Collins
  • Kill all infected on the stadium
  • Kill all infected on the streets
  • Talk to Henry Collins
  • Go southwest past the starting building, and up to the cafe
  • Kill the raid boss
  • Talk to Lynn Durand
  • Go back to Henry Collins and talk to him
  • Kill 40 infected in the surrounding area
  • Return to and talk to Henry Collins

Placerville's Railway Station - The TerminalEdit

Zone 13 illustration

Released 23 Feb 2018 on V1.10

  • Examine the walkie talkie left of you. Listen to Sekou Iwume's instructions
  • Kill 170(?) infected throughout the entire area
  • Go rightwards down the road and into the carpark (compass should point northwest)
  • Head into the building and follow it through to the platform
  • Kill all the infected on the train platform
  • Kill the firefighter boss (Hint: Lead the boss into the oil puddles then Use the many gas cannisters around to st him on fire. Don't step in oil puddles)
  • Go northeast and click on the train
Adventure terminal map