For the item, see Battery (item).

The battery is a camp building that is used to store electricity. With each additional battery you build, extra storage space is granted. Please note that all batteries share the same value of electricity stored, therefore if you have two batteries both at 40, then you only have 40 electricity, not 80.

Unlike most buildings, the blueprint for this must be created in the research workshop.

Level Materials Required Storage Cap
1 80Resource-scrap metal10Resource-tools10Resource-precious ore40Resource-electronic component 50
2 320Resource-scrap metal40Resource-tools40Resource-precious ore160Resource-electronic component 100
3 560Resource-scrap metal70Resource-tools70Resource-precious ore280Resource-electronic component 150
4 800Resource-scrap metal100Resource-tools100Resource-precious ore400Resource-electronic component 200 (max)