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The battery is a camp building that is used to store electricity. Each battery grants 50 additional electricity storage.

Level Materials Required Storage Cap
1 80Scrap metal10Tools10Precious ore40Electronic component 50
2 320Scrap metal40Tools40Precious ore160Electronic component 100
3 560Scrap metal70Tools70Precious ore280Electronic component 150
4 800Scrap metal100Tools100Precious ore400Electronic component 200 (max)


To learn the blueprint for this building, you must find 4 incomplete versions of it in a specific zone. You can tell how many pieces you've found in a zone by clicking the map icon at the top left.

Complete Locations Map:
Arizona Jurassic Museum - incomplete battery locations map
Incomplete Building Locations
Zone Arizona Jurassic Museum
Image Locations Previews
Battery (damaged) From the spawn, take the south-east way to go down to the museaum plateau. Go south-west accross the building to reach an area with 5 abandonned cars. Battery incomplete 1
At the extreme east of the map, the incomplete part is located on the bed in the building closed to the restaurant Battery incomplete 2
From the spawn, take the south-east way to go down accross the museaum plateau and reach the excavation site. The incomplete part is the biggest excavation. Battery incomplete 3
At the extreme south of the map, the incomplete part is located near the fence inside the building with the U.S.A flag. Battery incomplete 4