For the item, see Razor blade.

Blades are a common resource used in recipes for numerous strong weapons.


The best source of blades is razor blades, which can be found semi commonly in the trash/recycling, desks, and shelves.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
3 + 250% Razor blades icon Razor blade
2 Axe icon Axe
2 Fireman axe icon Fireman axe
2 Machete icon Machete
2 Saw icon Saw
2 Saw blade icon Saw blade
2 + 1?% Steel sword icon Steel sword
1 Butterfly knife icon Butterfly knife
1 Canned peaches icon Canned peaches
1 Combat knife icon Combat knife
1 Hatchet icon Hatchet
1 Hunting knife icon Hunting knife
4+2 Katana icon Katana
1 Kitchen knife icon Kitchen knife
1 Kukri icon Kukri
1 Scalpel icon Scalpel
1 Shears icon Shears
1 Sickle icon Sickle
1 Weapon modifier