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Bodega Bay is the second normal combat zone you are introduced. It is a great place for fishing with many fishing spots in the lake to the north of spawn, as well as many on the south west beach.

Secret passagesEdit

Bodega Bay secret passage locations


  • Deadly Haystacks Farm - One of the easiest secret passages to find, from the spawn follow the path east, and at the road follow it south for just a few steps and then enter the wooden fence area. The crate is at the north east most corner.
  • Fireside Beach - From the spawn head north into the forest, and then follow the paths east (curving north when needed). Along the west side you will eventually see a strip of beach and the entrance is along the north end. The crate is at the south west most area under the cabana.
  • Lumberyard - From spawn head directly north and around the right side of the lake. At the fence, enter and head up the eastern path. The crate is all the way to the north.

Side missionsEdit

Abbi Webster
Abbi Webster location


Go north from spawn. Upon seeing the lake, go west along the bottom of the lake until you see a house with a white flooring. Go around to the left side of the building and go north past the beach. When you see the bike, go east and you'll see Abbi Webster. Go north through the wrecked house, and take a picture. Next, follow the path east past the wrecked house and take another picture. Continue east and take another picture. Return to Abbi; she is just nearby.

Reward: Experience 2400, Reputation 6 Reputation, Camera icon Camera (random good+ quality)


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  • Originally named "Manresa State Beach"