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Many of the "Special" type infected types also have a boss form, introduced in beta v0.52 and beta v0.54 , which looks like a "Supercharged" version except without the floating skulls. These bosses have deadly attacks and an extremely large amount of HP.

Note: The Peruvian is not a boss. It's just an extra powerful infected with special behavior, loot, and high stats.

Each boss will only drop good loot (including experience and reputation) once a week. If you kill them more often, you will get poor loot. But for most players, you don't get any loot after you kill a specific boss without it resetting. Boss kill counts reset sometime on Thursday 5am UTC, after which point you can gain good loot from each of them again.


Visit the page for each boss for potential spawn locations and strategies. It appears bosses can appear in any spawn area that spawns infecteds with a legendary infected level[Confirm] (which includes secret passages as well as other locations around the map).


Infected Location Health Ability Secondary Ability
Sacramento Suburbs icon

Sacramento Suburbs

Summons exploders and basic infected to attack players. Throws a gas canister that explodes and deals fire damage in a 3m radius.
Walker River icon

Walker River

Counter attacks with fire and toxic elements.
Downtown Santa Rosa icon

Downtown Santa Rosa

Summons mini crawlers to protect itself. Inflicts a painful bite.
Bodega Bay icon

Bodega Bay

Vomits and does elemental damage (toxic, fire or ice) in a 5m radius.
Sunset Mall icon

Sunset Mall

Becomes angrier the more damage it takes.
South Fallon icon

Highway 99

Summons minions and protects them from damage.