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Containers are anything on a map you can inspect for semi-random loot (unlike seeing a wood plank which is always a wood plank). While some containers are unique, many are found on various maps and often contains semi-specific loot.


You can find locations for each container on their respective pages.

Image Name Quality Lock Contents
Guitar case Guitar case Average Tango Cross1 Contains various intruments
Gun bag Gun bag Average Tango Cross1 Guns and bows
Locker (green) Locker (gray) Locker Average Sometimes Items for common resources (plastic, wood, metal), some items for rare resources (precious ore), beverages and pastries
Safe Wall safe Safe / Wall safe High Often Swords, guns, alcohol, rarer items.
Sword case Sword case Average Sometimes Various bladed weapons, including the more valuable swords.
Vending machine (red)Vending machine (blue) Vending machine Average Tango Cross1 Beverages and pastries


Image Name Contents
Fish tank Fish tank Various fish
Medicine cabinet Medicine cabinet Medical


Red trashcan Red trashcan Medical


Nest Nest Eggs
Water cooler Water cooler Drinks
Grill Grill Meat