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Players can customize their avatar in various ways, although this doesn't provide any benefit (other than clothing). When a player creates an avatar, they may customize various visual attributes. Often these customizations are permanent. A player is able to purchase or obtain things in-game that enable them to change their appearence. 


Hair stylesEdit


  • Hair color Hair
  • Skin color Skin
  • Underwear color Underwear

Sex changeEdit

- The sex change (which can be bought for 50 survivor coins from Johanna Bullock) simply reverts your avatar's current gender to the opposing one, changing your physical appearance.

For example, if your avatar is currently a female and you were to get a sex change, you would be a male, and vice versa for being a male to a female. You keep all your clothes as you do so.


  • Original concept art shows clothing being customizable, although this has not yet been the case.