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Dead Maze is a 2D survival game created by Atelier 801 set in a contemporary world, playable in solo, coop and massively multiplayer. The aim is to explore the world and scavenge as many items as possible, to survive the hostile environment and bloodthirsty hordes of monsters.

Release date: Unknown, was planned September 2015. Future website:


[edit news] For a full list of all the game's updates, view the Changelog; and for a list of previous events, view Events.

Alpha! 21 October 2016
Adrazaelle announced on the forums that Atelier 801 is looking for Alpha testers for Dead Maze. Apply now!
New images! 28 April 2016
After a hiatus due to the Transformice adventure system, Dead Maze is back in full swing of development, and the community has been given new images on the Dead Maze Twitter and Facebook. You can check the images out on these platforms, or at the bottom of the gallery on the Dead Maze page. Among other things, we see images of a non-zombie giant sand worm like monster.
More info released! 16 October 2015
More info on gameplay has been released on facebook about exploration and game progression. This post also comes with new images!
Dead Maze official forum released! 30 September 2015
The Dead Maze forum was announced as well as a Trello page for Dead Maze to see updates / images relating to the game!
More Images! 7 July 2015
More images found on facebook and twitter. You can find them on the Dead Maze page at the bottom.
Gameplay explained and more images! 22 April 2015
Tig explains the game on a french forum, and also posts some new images! Images and a summary of the findings can be found on Dead Maze.
Free area! 21 April 2015
While this will be a paid game, the first "zone" will be free, with several hours worth of content. So you won't have to break your bank before you can try it yourself! (link)
Dead Maze! 17 April 2015
After development on Celousco stopped, Atelier 801 promised to release info on a new game soon; and it's announced! Some of you may have seen the teaser from Tig on the 1st of April, but Deadmaze has been officially announced!. As mentioned in the link above, Dead Maze with have beta keys for those keeping an eye out on the forums.

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Atelier 801 has released a lot of art for the game, thoughts?

The poll was created at 16:15 on June 3, 2016, and so far 17 people voted.
Beta should be released soon.

The poll was created at 16:15 on June 3, 2016, and so far 15 people voted.
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