You need to own a water tank in order to store water.


The best sources of drinking water are vending machines and lockers (especially soda bottles and lemonade, although any soda / juice is good), especially in places where there are multiple together. Some good locations for water are:

Salvage Sources
Num Item
10 Humanitarian goods icon Humanitarian goods
5 Soda bottle icon Soda bottle
4 Drinking water bottle icon Drinking water bottle
4 Lemonade icon Lemonade
4 Plastic flask icon Plastic flask
3 Canteen icon Canteen
3 Glass of water icon Glass of water
3 Energy drink icon Energy drink
3 Peach juice icon Peach juice
3 Sanitized water bottle icon Sanitized water bottle
2 Apple juice icon Apple juice
2 Banana juice icon Banana juice
2 Grape juice icon Grape juice
2 Orange juice icon Orange juice
2 Pear juice icon Pear juice
2 Small water bottle icon Small water bottle
2 Soda can icon Soda can
2 Tomato juice icon Tomato juice


Research projects - random values

Farming - watering crops - 2

Drinking water bottle icon Drinking water bottle - open water tank and click this resource when you have at least 5 water of this type.

Camp buildings: