For the item, see Egg.

Eggs are a rare resource (at least without a chicken coop) mostly used for cooking and research projects.


The best way to farm eggs is by finding, well, an egg! You can occasionally find eggs in nests. It's also possible to find eggs (as well as mayonnaise) uncommonly as a random item that can be found occasionally. The best source of eggs are the farmer's basket resource crate and cheese omelets, although both are rare to find. While not cheap, the easiest way to get eggs is to buy them from Jeffrey in the camp. You can also buy cheese omelets from Henry Collins in Lakeview, although they are fairly expensive.


A nest

You can find a list of nest locations here.

Due to the rarity of eggs, it is recommended to not use eggs on research projects until after you build a chicken coop. This is because chicken coops allow you to collect 2 eggs an hour after you last collected, but requires a large amount of eggs to actually build.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
10 Farmer's Basket icon Farmer's Basket
2 (100%) Cheese omelette icon Cheese omelet
0-1 Carbonara icon Carbonara
1 Egg icon Egg
0-1 Mayonnaise icon Mayonnaise
0-1 Steak tartar icon Steak tartar


Research projects - random values

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