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Fabric is a semi-common resource.


A great zone for collecting fabric items is Mazon College (especially when the football field is open). In Sunset Mall, the toy shop and the lockers of the Jellyfish Public Swimmingpool (5fifth room on the left of the spawn) contains fabric. In the museum there is also a house south of spawn (down the hill) that has a shelf with multiple plushies.

You can also get a decent amount of fabric from farming (being the only non-food resource you can actually get from farming).

Salvage Sources
Num Item
15 (x0-1) Humanitarian goods icon Humanitarian goods
4 Umbrella icon Umbrella
3 Boxing gloves icon Boxing gloves
3 Football icon Football
3 Pompon icon Pompon
3 Teddy Bear icon Teddy Bear
2 Bar stool icon Bar stool
2 Base ball icon Base ball
2 Baseball glove icon Baseball glove
2 Canteen icon Canteen
2 Dinosaur plush icon Dinosaur plush
2 Foam hand icon Foam hand
2 Octopus plush icon Octopus plush
2 + 1 Panda plush icon Panda plush
2 Splint icon Splint
2 Torch icon Torch
0-1 Baseball bat icon Baseball bat
1 Bedside lamp icon Bedside Lamp
1 (x1-3) Bandage icon Bandage
1 Doll icon Doll
1 High heel icon High heel
1 Golf flag icon Golf flag
1 Large black lamp icon Large black lamp
1 Modern painting icon Modern painting
1 Mop icon Mop
1 Nature painting icon Nature painting
1 Pillow icon Pillow
1 Steel sword icon Steel sword
1 Tissue box icon Tissue box


Kitchen stove Kitchen stove - Add to cook fire for 1 Fire fire.

Camp buildings:



  • In the early release of the game fabric was used along with sewing kits to upgrading clothing.