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Fishing is an activity in game that is the primary source of fish as well as other items.

While not required, the most efficient way to fish is by using a fishing rod as it uses no energy and has the highest chance of success (although you can fail with it). The second option (using a tree-branch) has a decent chance of success, but uses 15 water and 30 rest. And using your bare hands (10 rest) has a very poor chance of success, and can lead to the Bleeding status, or may spawn an Infected crawler. Keep in mind you do not get a second chance at a specific spot. Like items, all spots refresh one hour after the first thing you collected.

Possible lootEdit

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Icon Name Salvage Resources
Salmon 4Resource-fish 2Resource-fish(x0-2) 1Resource-fertilizer 1Resource-salt(x0-1)
Trout 2Resource-fish 1Resource-fish(x0-1) 1Resource-fertilizer 1Resource-salt(x0-1)
Shrimp 2Resource-fish 1Resource-fertilizer 1Resource-salt(x0-1)
Crab 2Resource-fish 1Resource-fertilizer 1Resource-salt(x0-1)
Stud 1Resource-fish 1Resource-fertilizer 1Resource-salt(x0-1)



The best areas for mass fishing are bodega bay and walker river.

Location Spots
Sacramento Suburbs
  • One southwest of cornfield
  • Two along river on northern side
  • One upstream on southern side
  • A few adjacent Sacramento Public Library
Bodega Bay
  • One spot directly south of spawn / east of campfire
  • Six on the lake north of spawn
  • Multiple on west beach
  • One on north west fountain
  • ?
Downtown Santa Rosa
  • Below the spawn, along the oceanside
  • A pond at the south house
Mazon College no
Sunset Mall
Walker River
  • Multiple along the river
  • ?
Jurassic Museum
  • Two below the cactus house sp in a pond
  • One northeast of railway sp
Highway 99 no where
Blue Mesa no where