You need a fuel tank to store fuel. It's a possible level up reward; unlocking it will allow you to build one or more.


A great zone for collecting fuel items is Walker River. Highway 99 also has various fuel spots (in this image see the area between the circle and the road; there's about 25 worth of fuel around the area (ignore the actual location of the circle).

Salvage Sources
Num Item
10(low %) Formula X icon Formula X[Confirm]
5 Gas bottle icon Gas bottle
5 Gas tank icon Gas tank
4 BBQ fuel icon BBQ fuel
4 Gas canister icon Gas canister
2 Blowtorch icon Blowtorch
1 Flare gun icon Flare gun
1 Lighter icon Lighter


Engine-generator set Engine-generator set - Convert 10 fuel into 10 Electricity electricity.

Kitchen stove Kitchen stove - Add to cook fire for 5 Fire fire.