Jeffrey is a shop npc who sells resource. He can be found in the Survivors' camp.


You can only buy from Jeffrey once per day (resets at 5am UTC[Confirm]). He sells all his resource packs at Reputation 50 reputation or Fraise 20 fraise.

Before buying from him you should research how easy it is to collect the resource yourself. Click any of the icons below to find a list of what items can be salvaged for the resource.

30Meat 30Wood 30Paper 30Plastic 30Fabric 30Fertilizer 30Glass 20Tools 20Rope 20Screw 20Electronic component 20Blade 20Medicinal herb 15Precious ore 30Scrap metal 30Fish 30Vegetable 30Fruits 30Cereals 30Seeds 20Milk 20Cheese 20Eggs 20Alcohol 15Chocolate 15Butter 15Salt 15Spices 15Sugar