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Matches are used to light campfires, and it provides 25 fire.

Can be used only once.


  • Bodega Bay - South west area of the map on the beach near the campsite.
  • Walker River - Inside the wrecking yard secret passage on a desk.
  • Highway 99 - From spawn, go east and as soon as you reach to road, the matches are next to the first car on the right side of the road going north.
  • Blue Mesa - «Infested bunker» (under gas station) On a table near the staircase.


  • They used to be craftable before the various Fire starter icon fire starters were added.
  • During early beta, matches where very useful as you could use them multiple times without ever being used up, unlike other items that could only be used once. At the time, they were the only fire starting item that wasn't a weapon.