Medicinal herbs are a semi-uncommon resource with currently very few uses.


An easy source of medicinal herbs is algae, which can be found in wall medical boxes (common), red trashcans (uncommon), and Peruvian infecteds (common).

While a bit of a cheat, a great source of herbs is by doing Sylvia Bluth's side mission in Downtown Santa Rosa (keep in mind she not always there). During this side mission all medical zombies / containers in/around the nearby store will have greatly increased odds of dropping antibiotics (average quality). You can then drop or salvage these in your inventory to prevent finishing the quest (as this will decrease the collection counter) until you have all the herbs you need.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
2 Antibiotic icon Antibiotic
2 Painkillers icon Painkillers
1 (x1-3) Algae icon Algae
1 Homemade remedy icon Homemade remedy
1 Vitamines icon Vitamines


Research projects - random values

Camp buildings:



  • During beta, there used to be two medical resource, with the second being "Powdered medicine". It never had an icon, and after removal all the items that gave it as a resource now give medicinal herbs.