For the item, see Paper (item).

The best source for paper is books, and a great source for books is the college; the main building has a stack of books in the hallway by the lockers on the ground floor, and there are also many books to be found around the building.

Salvage Sources
Num Item
8 Bible icon Bible
8 Dictionary icon Dictionary
8 Math book icon Math book
4 + 4 Novel icon Novel
5 Board game icon Board game
5 Survivor's notes icon Survivor's notes
4 People magazine icon People magazine
4 Kitchen roll icon Kitchen roll
2 Chocolate box icon Chocolate box
2 Tissue box icon Tissue box
1 Newspaper icon Newspaper
1 Survivalism Handbook icon Survivalism handbook
1 (50%) Cereal box icon Cereal box
1 Dog food icon Dog food
1 Firecrackers icon Firecrackers
1 Fish and Chips icon Fish and Chips
1 Paper icon Paper

Used in:

  • Strategy table - 20