Historic content

Powdered medicine was significantly altered or removed after an update. This article is retained to provide information on past elements of Dead Maze.

Powdered medicine used to be a resource that was used for a single recipe during the beta period of the game (although it did show up in research projects), and never had an actual icon. It was removed in V0.49, and all items that gave it now instead give medicinal herbs. The reason for it's removal is unknown, but was likely due to having very little need for two medical resources (the other being Medicinal herb Medicinal herb), especially since so many things use them.

For awhile it was actually called "Powdered medicament", although this was later changed to likely have a more simple and common name.


Salvage Sources
Num Item
2 Painkillers icon Painkillers
2 Antibiotic icon Antibiotic
1 Homemade remedy icon Homemade remedy
1 Vitamines icon Vitamines


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