Tools are an important resource that can seem uncommon unless you know where to look. Many camp buildings require them to be built, and they are also required to harvest resources when farming. It is also used in a few recipes.


Since every map has at least one rake and shovel somewhere, they are the easiest items to find, although they are often poor quality.

Good zones for salvageable tool items are:

  • Bodega Bay - the house in the north west most corner of the map has 2 hammers, a crowbar, and an abstract sculpture.
  • Mall - the construction area (next to toy room, north of golf course) has 2 hammers, 2 shovels, and some other items.
  • Museum
  • Blue Mesa - various locations; lots of shovels on the way to the helipad.
Salvage Sources
Num Item
3 Hammer icon Hammer
2?% Materials crate icon Materials crate
2 Shovel icon Shovel
2 Upgrade kit
0-1 Abstract sculpture icon Abstract sculpture
1 Blowtorch icon Blowtorch
1 Busted microwave oven icon Busted microwave oven
1 Compass icon Compass
1 Crowbar icon Crowbar
1 Fire extinguisher icon Fire extinguisher
1 Monkey wrench icon Monkey wrench
0-1 Frying Pan icon Frying pan
1 Mace icon Mace
1 Pickaxe icon Pickaxe
1 Rake icon Rake
0-1 Screwdriver icon Screwdriver
1 Toaster icon Toaster
0-1 Weapon modifier icon Weapon modifier
1 Wheel brace icon Wheel brace


Farming - harvesting crops - 1

Camp buildings: