The vegetable garden is a camp object that can be built (up to 8). It appears as a potential level up reward. With it, you can farm and earn resources.


To start farming, you must have an open garden and 1Seeds seed. After planting the seed, you must water it (either 2Drinking water or 3Dirty water; both have same effect) for it to grow. You can also use 1Fertilizer on it, which reduces the time crops need to grow[Confirm], although you can't completely skip the growing process this way. You have no control over what plant starts growing from the seed. Plants only grow while you are online (but you do not have to be in the camp for them to grow).

Bug: Note that if you click the Fertilizer icon while using fertilizer, your crops will disappear. So make to to click the "Fertilize" text, and do not click the icon.

Your plant will first grow into a Plant sprout generic 2 leafed plant, and then grows through 3 unique stages over in-game time (growing will not progress while logged out), with the last stage being harvestable. During the last phase a new "harvest" option will appear, and requires 1Tools to do so.

At any stage you may also pull out a plant (last option) which may be desirable if the plant doesn't give a resource you need (especially considering the Tools tools or continued Drinking water cost).


The products shown appear in various quantities. "Num" is the number of total products the plant can give.

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Name Products
Strawberry bush 1
Strawberry bush 2
Strawberry bush 3
Strawberry bush 7-10 Fruits 0-1 Sugar 0-4 Seeds
Cotton plant 1
~15 minutes
Cotton plant 2
~15 minutes
Cotton plant 3
~50 minutes
Cotton Plant 7 Fabric
0-3 Seeds
Tomatoes 1
Tomatoes 2
Tomatoes 3
Tomatoes 3-5 Vegetable
0-1 Seeds
Chocolate tree 1
Chocolate tree 2
Chocolate tree 3
Chocolate Tree 4-5 Chocolate 10-12 Wood 0-3 Seeds
Wheat 1
Wheat 2
Wheat 3
Wheat 9-12 Cereals
5 Seeds
Pepper plant 1
Pepper plant 2
Pepper plant 3
Peppers 6-7 Spices
1 Seeds
Sugarcane 1
Sugarcane 2
Sugarcane 3
Sugarcane 5-8 Sugar 2 Rope 0-1 Seeds


To learn the blueprint for this building, you must find 4 incomplete versions of it in a specific zone. You can tell how many pieces you've found in a zone by clicking the map icon at the top left.

Complete Locations Map:
Sunset Mall - incomplete egetable garden locations map
Incomplete Building Locations
Zone Sunset Mall
Image Locations Preview
Vegetable garden (damaged) The first is in the garden directly south of spawn. Walk around to the east side and enter, then immediately go into the maze and make your way to the statue in it (they are on the ground next to it). Screenshot-2018-3-3 Sunset Mall(3)
Leave the garden from it's south most exit and head south east until you enter a door into a corridor with pillars on the north side and a fancy floor design. Head east and then enter the store to the south-west right before the corridor narrows, and find it on the table near the back. Screenshot-2018-3-3 Sunset Mall(2)
Now head north east through the restaurant and continue in that direction until you hit some stores, then go in the eastern most one (with cacti) and find it next to a watering can. Screenshot-2018-3-3 Sunset Mall(1)
Go to the golf course and head to the south most area, and then go west until you hit a wall. It's along the wall to the west of the nearby bike. Screenshot-2018-3-3 Sunset Mall