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Weapon modifiers are items found on the map that can be placed on a weapon to give it an additional buff / stat. Modifiers share a similar appearance to upgrade kits in the inventory, but are only related in that both gives stats/buffs. When picked up, it shows a Wirer icon icon as it goes into your bag.

Once a modifier is placed on a weapon, it can not be removed or replaced. If of average+ quality, they can be salvaged for 2Resource-scrap metal 1Resource-blade .


Icon Activation Effect
Buff 21 [Attack] Flammable
Buff 74 [Attack] Wet
Buff 17 [Passive] Durability +5/10/15/20/?%
[Attack] Fire damage +2/4/7/?/?
[Attack] Toxic damage +2/4/?/?/?
[Passive] Stamina gain +5/10/?/?/?%
[Attack] Electric damage +?/4/?/?/?
[Passive] Combo damage +?/10/?/20/?%
Buff 55 [Passive] Attack speed +5/10/?/?/25%
[Attack] Heal +2/4/?/?/?
Buff 89 [Passive] Piercing damage +20/40/?/?/100%
[Attack] Cold damage +?/4/?/?/?
Buff 47 [Attack] Physical damage +2/4/?/?/?<-12
[Parry] Root, for +?/?/6/?/?s
[Parry] Projection +?/?/?/?/2m
[Passive] Critical chance +?/6/9/?/?%
Buff 23 [Passive] Critical damage +5/10/15/20/?%
[Passive] Aggro bonus +?/100/?/?/?%
[Passive] Bonus received heal +?/10/?/?/?%
[Passive] Healing skill +5/?/?/?/?%
[Passive] Regeneration +4/20/?/?/?%
[Passive] Electric damage +?/20/?/?/?%
[Passive] Bonus damage on slowed targets +5/10/15/?/?%
[Passive] Bonus damage on stunned targets +?/20/?/?/50%
[Passive] Experience +?/8/?/16/?%
Buff 30 [Passive] Dodge +4/8/?/?/?%